Terms and Conditions of Offering Postal Services 

Terms and Conditions of Offering Postal Services 

Terms and Conditions of Offering Postal Services 

Article 1 The delivery form of Ipost Shpk is a non-negotiable form and the sender is aware that this form has been completed by him or by Ipost shpk on his behalf. The sender declares and acknowledges that he is the owner, possessor or representative of the owner or possessor of the transported postal objects, which are described on the first page. Also, he declares that through this form he accepts the conditions of the postal service of Ipost shpk.

Article 2 The sender guarantees that:
Each item listed on the front page is described accurately, and in accordance with the law.
In the postal item to ve shipped, the right points, the right data, and the right address of the recipient are written down correctly.
The postal item that will be shipped is packaged in such a way as to ensure its safe delivery.
Will pay all possible additional costs, resulting in delivery, return or storage of items.

Article 3 Ipost Shpk has the right, but is not obliged to control the postal object, which he undertakes to deliver. Ipost Shpk has also the right not to advance in the fulfillment of the shipment if there are signs of prohibited content or insufficient data of the recipient.

Article 4 Ipost Shpk has the right to keep or not deliver the postal object being transported, in order to insure the transport costs (loading costs, etc.) until they are paid.

Article 5 Ipost Shpk performs postal deliveries by debit of the recipient, in case of non-acceptance of the reward delivery by the recipient, for any reason, or even in case the sender undertakes the payment to Ipost Shpk.

Article 6 Ipost shpk performs postal services of "prepayment for ordered purchase" and that of "payment at the time of delivery" by receiving orders in written form (by phone or other means of communication). In these cases, the customer has the rights and obligations of the "sender" described in the form.

Article 7 Based on Article 9, the liability of Ipost Shpk for any loss or damage to the shipment (documents or postal items) is limited to a minimum by the following quantities:
a) up to the amount of 3,000 ALL for a document, and up to the amount of 10,000 ALL for a postal object,
b) in the real amount of the loss or damage paid for the secured postal documents or objects,
c) at the fair value * of the documents or postal items, notwithstanding the commercial use or their special value to the sender, recepient, or third party.

* The fair value is considered:
a) for documents the cost of preparation, replacement or the cost of reproduction or redesign,
b) for postal objects - the cost of repairing, replacing or purchasing them (in the condition they were at the time of receipt)

As stated above, it is also valid for shipments with declared value when secured. Every international postal service is guided by the terms and restrictions of the international conventions VMR, Warsaw, COTIF-CIM that are in force.

Article 8 At the request of the sender, the execution of his deliveries is covered by insurance through the insurance company with which Ipost Shpk cooperates. In case of loss, theft or destruction of the transported material, the value of which exceeds the amount of 10,000 ALL, the claim for compensation on this amount arises only if the postal object that is transported is of declared value and insured for it.

Article 9 Ipost Shpk makes every effort and takes every action to achieve delivery in accordance with its program of activity. But, in no case is he responsible for the delay in receiving, transporting or delivering any postal delivery or for any loss, damage, bad delivery or non-delivery due to the reasons provided mainly:

a) Due to unexpected events that occur objectively beyond human capabilities (accident, bad weather conditions, delay of vehicles, etc.)
b) Due to negligent actions or erroneous instructions of the sender or recipient or third parties who have an interest in the concrete shipment.
c) Due to the content of the shipment which may cause special damage, alteration or destruction.

Article 10 Any claim must be raised by the customer and submitted in writing to the head office of Ipost Shpk or to its nearest agency, the day of receipt of the shipment from Ipost Shpk.

Article 11 Ipost Shpk does not undertake the delivery and transportation of postal items when this transportation is in violation of the law. In any case it does not undertake the transportation of money.

Article 12 For national service, packages or pallets should not weigh more than 30 kg/box or 150 kg\pallet. In terms of size, they should not exceed 150x120x90cm.

Article 13 Dispute Resolution / Complaints Procedure - Claim Law

All claims against IPOST must be notified in writing as far as is reasonably practicable, and in any case within 30 days of receipt of the goods in the event of damage (including partial loss of a shipment) and in the event of delays within 30 days that the goods are placed at the disposal of the person who has the right of distribution, and in case of loss within 60 days that the goods are entrusted to IPOST for transport. Within 30 days, IPOST is obliged to return a response to the complaint filed with the relevant customer against the postal service. In case the complainant does not agree with the IPOST response, he has the right to address a complaint to AKEP within a 15-day deadline. In addition, all claims against IPOST in respect of any postal service will be statute-barred and closed upon expiry, unless legal action has been taken and a written note has been given to IPOST within eight months of the delivery of the goods in question or, in case of non-distribution, within eight months from the planned date of distribution. This condition will not affect any rights that the sender may have under the Rules of the Convention or other binding national laws______________________

For some changes and additions to law no. 8530, dated 23.9.1999 "On the postal service in the Republic of Albania" other "

For the postal service in the Republic of Albania